Ten Things/London Eats Pt 1


London is my home-town, South South London to be precise. I adore it with all my little heart and all the wonders it has to offer. And most of all – the food. I am so glad I have people around me who share in my love of food and who will join me. So here is the first half of my list of the top ten places I have stuffed my face in this beautiful city and would suggest to you to do the same! Sidenote: these are in no particular order so just go visit them all.

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Cocowhite for 14 Days: What Happened?


I decided after some research on teeth whitening that I didn’t want to go down the baking soda/hydrogen peroxide route as I don’t think they are a sustainable way of doing it. The results may be more rapid but there must be some degree of damage to your teeth using these substances. So what could be better than the ancient remedy of oil pulling. The supposed benefits include: whiter teeth, better breath, stronger gums, reduced sleep issues and headache and hangover relief.

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